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Do I need a Site?

The web is a great tool for  reaching people that would not normally see your advertising. However, if it is going to work for you, your product must be deliverable to this new group. If you sell sand and gravel, your customer base is probably local because of the transport difficulties. On the other hand, with the right product and an effective web presence, the world can become your market.

The web is excellent for communicating over distance. If you write comment, publish a newspaper or just want to keep your overseas relatives up to date on the latest additions to the family by showing them your photos, then the web is the place for you.

Businesses can keep branch offices informed of company policies; the information is accessible anywhere and there is only one copy, so it is always up to date. Catalogues and manuals kept as web pages and displayed on your website are perfect when your staff is interstate or sales personnel out of the office and need a quick update.

So, think about what you would use the site for. It may be a valuable guide to establishing whether you need one.


How will people discover my site?

Just having a site is no guarantee that it will work for you. And it certainly won't work if your prospective customers can't find it. Be prepared to advertise your site in your normal communications with your target audience. Include your web address [] on your letterhead and your calling cards. up arrow

If you advertise in print, show the web address as part of your other contact information. All your emails should include a link to your site, so that people can visit it when they receive your email. What better time than when they are already on the internet?

We always submit your site to at least one major search engine as part of your site construction project. People looking for your service can find you if they have used appropriate search terms.


Can I use my site to sell my product?

It depends what it is. Customers will probably want to kick the tyres of a new car or run their hands over a designer dress before they buy. However, if your products are in this category you can show them your range and the deals you have to offer to encourage them to visit your physical premises. It's a lot easier for customers to gather pre-purchase information on the internet than by walking around.


Can I start small and build my site over time?

Sure. You can start with a single page and work up from there. But keep in mind that an integrated design is easier to achive when the designer knows the full extent of the site at the beginning. Adding sections later might not give you the best result in the long run.


What do you need from me to build my site?

Information about what you want the site to achieve. Any copy you want included on the site. Any pictures or graphics you want to include. Information about your Internet Service Provider - do they offer you free web space? Information about your domain name if you have one.

Websites can be built at a distance. You can send copy and images to us by email or post. We can establish a trial site on the internet for you to view as it is being built so that you can provide feedback during the design phase.


How long does it take to build a site?up arrow

It depends on the size and complexity of the site, and how long it takes you to gather the information about your business.

Small single page sites can be up and running in one or two days. More complex sites may take up to two weeks. There is always an interchange between the designer and the client to ensure that the site meets your needs.

What is a domain name and how do I get one?

Your domain name is the address of your site on the internet. These can be of a general form such as or a more descriptive form, such as

We can buy you a domain name from companies specialising in domain name registration over the internet. It is usual to register a domain name for at least two years.

Domain names can be made to point to your site, wherever it is being hosted. So, when someone types your domain name into their browser, your site opens in the browser.


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